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I'm 22.Loves anything & everything Korean.
.an ELF + a VIP + an Inspirit.
.Kyuhyun is my medicine.
.I want Sungjong's lemon candy.
.I need T.O.P.'s SWAG.
.I adore all of SM Town.
.BIGBANG is my heaven.
.YG is my dream workplace.
.I ♥ music.I've got passion for food.
.YouTube Vlogger. Language enthusiast.

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    kyungsoo - “it’s ok,it’s love” - kangwoo in jaeyeol’s dream

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kyungsoo's sexy body wave (^O^)/
    kyungsoo's sexy body wave (^O^)/

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    140907 Leeteuk after Inkigayo | cr: 晓希_fighteuk, do not edit or remove logo.

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    #PrayForLadiesCode EunB & RiSe, may your young souls rest in peace. I pray for your happiness in Heaven.

    EunB & RiSe, may your young souls rest in peace. I pray for your happiness in Heaven.

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    #PrayForLadiesCode  #Pray For Ladies Code  #Ladies Code  #kwon risae  #Risae  #Kwon Rise  #Rise  #EunB  #Go EunBi  #EunBi  #Kpop  #Kpop Artist  #Rest In Peace 
    Ladies’ Code fans organize “Worldwide Candlelight Vigil” for EunB and RiSe



    Fans will be gathering on September 8th for an all-day vigil in cities around the world at night, to light a candle in memory of Ladies’ Code EunB and RiSe. 

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    Welcome back Leader Teukie

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    kaisoo during the first episode of 90:2014

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    Qatar Foodie Tour: MARKET by Jean-Georges (W Doha) →

    I’m a HUGE fan of the Jean Georges-Marja Vongerichten couple and it was kind of a wish-come-true for me to dine in one of the many restaurants of the top and world-renowned chef, Jean-Georges.
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140611 Happy Camp Sehun Credit: Aiolos


    140611 Happy Camp Sehun
    Credit: Aiolos

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    CHANBAEKKK unf they’re my favourite i should draw them more asff no i should hit the bed now ffffuu

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    countdown to tiffany’s birthday:

        ↳ D-5 - Tiffany’s relationship.

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    G-Dragon called racist slur, “ching chong”, at Paris Fashion Week caught on video



    In a video on YouTube that has recently resurfaced, fans have discovered that while G-Dragon was in Paris for Fashion Week in June, he was called racial slurs.

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