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I'm 22.Loves anything & everything Korean.
.an ELF + an Exotic + a VIP + an Inspirit.
.I nearly died 'cause of Kyungsoo's squishy-ness.
.I want to be friends with Chanyeol - Baekhyun - Chen.
.Kyuhyun is my medicine.
.I want Minseok to be my own baozi.
.I want Sungjong's lemon candy.
.I need T.O.P.'s SWAG.
.I adore all of SM Town.
.BIGBANG is my heaven.
.YG is my dream workplace.
.I ♥ music.I've got passion for food.
.YouTube Vlogger. Language enthusiast.

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    Two Years Since EXO's Debut: EXO Logos 2012→2014

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    because Minseok’s crotch deserves an applause

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    when chanyeol doesn’t like luhan’s hand-knitted scarf

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    yixing is the life of the party


    "yixing, you got the stuff right?"


    "awhhh shit, i didnt bring it."


    "dude why you LYIN! I SMELL IT!"


    "all right all right… damn! merry christmas, happy birthday whatever muthafuckas…dont ask me again"

    (suho singing in the background: he. got. the. weed~ he. got. the. weed~)


    "we love you so much yixing!"


    "i actually brought it for myself. but kai turnin into the FBI and shit"


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    dumb baek strikes again

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    they look like kids who just lost their parents at the supermarket 

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proud d.o. | do not edit.

    | do not edit.

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    140415 EXO Comeback Showcase 

    Chanyeol: Baekhyun!
    MC: (asks Baekhyun to sing a line of “Moonlight”)
    Baekhyun: *sings*
    Chanyeol: woww!!!  
    Kyungsoo: Baekhyun is good
    MC: Chanyeol do you want to try too?
    Baekhyun: Chanyeol-ssi?
    Chanyeol: I will try next time~
    Baekhyun: *laughs*

    MC: (asks Chanyeol to sing a line of “Thunder”) ready…action!
    Chanyeol: *hesitates*
    Baekhyun: *starts the line for him*
    Chanyeol: *sings*

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